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Thai Main Course Recipes

Vegetable and tofu curry
This sunset-colored festive dish makes for a lovely vegetable based meal, with the addition of rice and stir-fried greens.
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Garlic Shrimps
(Goong Kratiam)

This is the house favorite at Young Thailand, after pad thai and spring rolls. It is ideal for the buffet and for picnics, as well as for an intimate supper.
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Chicken in green curry (Kaeng Kniao Wan Kai)
This is the one chicken dish which every one loves to eat. This curry can be made in advance. It has lots of sauce which can be reheated quickly without too much loss of quality.
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Grilled/Fried fish in Sweet And Sour sauce
Colorful and perky, this mild and complex sauce never fails to impress with its pleasant textures and tastes. It is best to make this one as required and serve it without reheating.
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Ginger chicken (Kai Phad Khing)
This mild, perfumed and tender dish is very lightly flavored, it derives its exotic character from the plentiful ginger, which acts both as vegetable and condiments.
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Cashew nut chicken
(Kai Hima Parn)

This sunny, gently spiced dish is so easy to make and too good to eat. Try it !!
thai Recipes

Here you will find all popular and easy recipes which come under Thai main course category. These recipes are combination of various types of meat and seafood combined with local vegetables, herbs and spices such as garlic and pepper, and most of the meals have rice and noodles as centerpiece.

Thai cuisine is also heavily influenced by Indian spices and flavors, which is evident in its famous green, red, and yellow curries. So with empty stomach I call you to experiment these fantastic recipes as I tested and found an everlasting experience.

Thai Main Course Recipes
thai_recipe main course
thai_recipe main course

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